Plant Signature of a Beech Tree

How do we know what the flowers healing qualities? I think this is fascinating study and am planning to share my discoveries with you over the coming months, so watch this blog. But some background information first.

 The process of understanding the healing qualities of a flower essence begins with the Doctrine of Signatures, which is rooted in medieval cosmology. Physicians of the day used this approach to find healing plants for their patients. The principle behind this system is that there is a visible message on the plant, which is a guide to its  healing properties.

It’s interesting to think that just as a graphologist can read a person through their writing, an Astrologist through an individual’s birth chart, so a plant may be read through it’s growth pattern. This may include the colour of the flower, root structure, preferred place of growth, the general shape of the plant and parts of the plant, how it fruits, germination and dispersal, its yearly cycle, historical uses, folk law and so on. The message may be obvious, and quite simplistic, as in the case of the dandelion, it’s yellow colour is like jaundiced person, so it was thought by Medieval herbalists to be good for liver problems. It does in fact cleanse the body, so is actually beneficial in such cases.

Modern flower essence makers explore the visual message of the plant in some detail, but may also attempt to tune into the plants natural intelligence to verify the information gained. Today it is more likely to be called Plant Signature, or the Science of Plant Gesture.


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